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Other Plans
Halla x whiteshepherd Outlaw in Finland in December 2013
07.10.13 mated our Born to Win White Outlaw a Finnish girl named Safe Keeper´s Ain`t No Fool alias Halla. The litter is going to be born in Finland in kennel Joulumaan. It is a litter we can suggest as character wise good potential for trainings and different kind of dog sports. Father of the pupies whiteshepherd Outlaw is high energy and excellent prey drive young male and has obtained IPO1 BH AD results. Mother of the puppies Safe Keeper´s Ain`t No Fool is quite interesting dog with her ability to perform on protection field which most white shepherds are not capable of. She has been also competing in canicross alias Skijoring competitions on Finnish highest level Championships and Nordic Countries Championships and have achieved numerous 1 places and bronze and silver medals. She is character tested with a result LTE+172 and gun shot noise proof. It is going to be interesting litter and one of the puppies will come to our kennel. Now we just need to wait and see whether the outcome from this mating will produce some puppies. :)    

Safe Keeper's Ain't No Fool
Health: HD-B ED-0 Eyes Free Back OK
Working results: Skijoring B class BH AD
Character Test: LTE+172
Born: 23.06.2006
Born to Win White Outlaw
Health: HD-A ED-0 Eyes Free MDR1+/+ 
Working results: IPO1 BH AD
Show Result: EST CAC from WSS Specialty Show
Born: 24.09.2011

The potential litter pedigree can be found under this link.

If interested of this litter please contact with kennel kennel Joulumaan