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Born to Win White Lionheart

Born to Win White Lionheart alias King Richard alias Ricardo the Destroyer alias Richie Rich
Gender: Male
Breed: White Swiss Shepherd
Health: HD-A/C ED-0 MDR1+/-
Teeth: Full dentition
Pedigree: EST-02103/10
Born: 31.05.2010 Estonia 
Show Results: ESTW11, ESTJW11, LV JW11, EVLÜ CW11, EVLÜ CJW11; EST & LV & LT & BALT J CH; 3*EST J CAC, 1*LV J CAC, 1*LT JN; 3*BOB, 3*BOS, 4*BOB J, 2*BOS J
Dam: BALT JW08, EST CH, EST & LV & LT & BALT J CH Born to Win White EGO KK1 HD-B ED-0 Eyes Free MDR1+/- D locus D/D  
Sir: UKC CH Surefire Obi-Wan Kinobi HD-OFA Good, ED-OFA Normal, Pennhip 90%, Eyes clean
12 months old on the picture

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!
Eleanor Roosevelt


05.06.11 Richard became today Estonian Junior Winner 2011 and Estonian Winner 2011!

14.05.11 Richard became today in Estonian White Swiss Shepherd specialty show EVLÜ Club Winner 2011 and EVLÜ Club Junior Winner 2011 at the age of only 11 months!

17.04.11 King Richard achieved today also Lithuanian Junior Champion title which alltogether makes him also Baltics Junior Champion! Already at the age of 10 months! :)

10.04.11 King Richard became today Estonian and Latvian Junior Champion already at the age of 10 months! Which sets the new record in our kennel. Basically, our Richie has achieved Junior Champion title earlier than any other of our dogs including our great winners and best in show performers such as our young Almighty Junior and her mother Arizona and even Richies grandmother the European Winner Achiever itself. Very fascinating times :)

13.03.11 King Richard is now Latvian Junior Winner 2011

Ricardo the Destroyer is how he should have been named. As he really is a destroyer in our house which you can enjoy bits and pieces from there. I am not able to recall any of my dogs who had destroyed so much and so many things in my home. The only one who is a bit close is my late Eeast-European Shepherd Dog which I had back then at sovjet time. Ricardo is not a normal white shepherd thats for sure! I am tired of saving my things from his teeth. I take one away and he immediately takes another one and simply doesn't care that it's not allowed! My flowers, Lauris clothes, all our training stuff, toilet paper rolls, cups and bowls and every single thing that has been put away, the harder to get and to bite the better and if it smells for food it feels like in heaven. However, when I think he is a white shepherd I forgive him all just in the hope that "one day he will pay for all" he has destroyed. Have we ever heard of conquerors who have paid for what they have destroyed?    

Lionheart is out of our own breeding and is out of probably with the most interesting pedigree combination I have ever bred a litter. Lionheart is out from combination of 3/4 American bloodlines. It is the last litter of Surefire Obi-Wan Kinobi in Europe who is one of the most famous male around (and very controversal). Lionhearts mother whiteshepherd EGO is Baltic Junior Winner 2008, Estonian Champion and Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Baltics Junior Champion. Lionheart's mothers side whiteshepherd EGO-s father was also one of the most famous TOP Performers in United States Royal von Tasz Classic who was also one of the best breeding males in USA. He was extremely successful at dog shows since the end of his days. You can read about Polos success under this link. Polo was also one of the few white shepherds that have been on the "Bloodlines" cover! Lionheart's mothers EGO's mother is Achiever Of The Heart Of Lothian HD-A ED-0 who is European Junior Winner 2006, EVLÜ Club Winner 2009, EVLÜ Club Winner 2008, EVLÜ Club Winner 2007, Baltics Junior Winner 2006, Finnish Junior Winner 2005 and Baltics Champion and achieved KK1 working result. EGO's mothers mother is the World Winner 2002, Junior World Winner 2002, Dutch Winner 2002 and Dutch Junior Winner 2002 Tinkas Frenja HD-A ED-Free.
So I really think that pedigreewise Lionheart is out of my most interesting litter out of my breeding over all those years :)

The litter Lionheart is out of was linebred to the most famous American TOP performers such as Moses Lascar Von Tasz, Reeves Royal Angus Von Tasz, Hoofprint Be A Spasz Von Tasz etc. We dont usually do linebreeding litters but this case I just could not help and decided to make such an interesting and promising combination. And so far I am extremely pleased of the outcome :)

Lets see what the future brings us :)

The Legend of the Name:

Most of our dogs have a legend behind their name and their names have a great meaning for us. Lionheart was named with the hope that he would have the heart like a lion and mostly after the Richard the Lionheart. Richard I was King of England who was known as Richard the Lionheart even before he became King of England because of his reputation as a great military leader and warrior. From an early age he showed significant political and military ability, becoming noted for his chivalry and courage. By age 16, Richard the Lionheart was already commanding his own army. We hope that our whiteshepherd Lionheart will not embarass his name and turns out to be as great and with courage as the ruler he was named after. :)


Lionheart's dog shows we are most proud of:
05.06.11 from Estonian Winner Dog Show Best Of Breed Junior, Estonian Junior Winner, Best Male 1, Best Of Opposite Sex and Estonian Winner 2011
14.05.11 from Estonian White Swiss Shepherd specialty show Best of Breed Junior, Club Junior Winner, Best Male 1, Club Winner and Best Of Breed
17.04.11 from Lithuanian Dog Show grade excellent, LT JN, Best of Breed Junior, Best of Breed
10.04.11 from Estonian Dog Show grade excellent, EST J CAC, Best of Opposite Sex Junior, Best of Opposite Sex 
09.04.11 from Estonian Dog Show grade excellent, EST J CAC, Best of Breed Junior, Best of Breed 
13.03.11 from Latvian Winner 2011 Dog Show grade excellent, LV J CAC, LVJW11, Best Of Opposite Sex.
05.03.11 from Estonian Dog Show grade excellent, EST J CAC, Best of Opposite Sex Junior


Lionheart's working results:
2 place
Very Good
EVLÜ Minicup 2010 II stage
Tatjana Tsernjakova
Estonian White Swiss Shepherd Association
2 place
Very Good
EVLÜ Minicup 2011 I stage
Aliftina Petrova
Estonian White Swiss Shepherd Association